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OCD Detail

The Deep Clean - £160

Our most popular service and it comes as no surprise when you see the standards The Deep Clean brings to the tabe i can assure you it will be the last time you book your car anywhere else!!

You may think your car is clean, let us show you what clean really looks like.

Each and every deep clean package we perform is protected with an entry level ceramic coating or high grade sealant and wax combination. You as the customer are always welcome to choose which you’d prefer, and we will always advise which is best for the car judging by its age, condition, and colour.

Windows and wheels are also ceramic coated with entry level coatings.

Don't forget to book you follow up maintenance appointments to keep your car at this standard every week, fortnight or month.

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Exterior Process

Complete wheel, tyre & arch deep clean and decontamination 3 Stages of cleaning to remove embedded brake dust iron & tar deposits

Exhaust tips will undergo the same process of cleaning and be polished as required

Full engine bay deep clean followed by dressings for a factory finish

Pre wash chemicals & snow foam will be added to the body of the vehicle to remove & loosen embedded road grime before we make any contact with the vehicle

2 Bucket / 2 mitt safe washing procedure will take place, then brushing to go into the more intricate areas ensuring no missed tight edges or grills

Following on with another 2 stages of cleaning with a full decontamination process on the body of the vehicle removing embedded iron and tar deposits

Vehicle is rinsed, and water spot etching around badges, windows and grills will be removed. Exterior windows also prepared at this stage for glass ceramic coatings

We then dry the vehicle using only soft plush towels and hot filtered air blowers

Full IPA wipe down of all panels in preparation for protection

Tyres and arches dressed with protective and repelling dressings to ensure longer lasting finish, finish will be matte and clean no dressings that cause any sling

Interior Process

Full interior hoover, extracting all dust and debris

Full interior steam clean and disinfection process carried out

Carpets and mats air compressed and then wet hoover extraction process carried out

Leather deep cleaned, conditioned and protected with high grade leather protection

All interior components and carpets protected from stains and UV rays

Door shuts & door edges deep cleaned and waxed

All interior windows deep cleaned

The OCD Experience - £350

This package is NO joke! Allow us to bring all our big guns in our highly equipped mobile detailing van, with our large artillery of equipment right to your door to transform your vehicle, or you can come to our detailing studio. In this package we will perform everything listed in our deep clean package, but just before we protect the vehicle, we’ll add a light enhancement machine polish removing light swirling and imperfections, and then lock this in with a 2 year ceramic coating.

This is the highest standard of detailing that can be achieved within a day.

Reccomended Upgrades: 5 year ceramic coating £125

Don't forget to book you follow up maintenance appointments to keep your car at this standard every week, fortnight or month.

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Available to any OCD customer after a deep clean package as a minimum, the maintenance programme is designed to leave your car in the highest standard of cleanliness without the risk of adding imperfections to the paint. On the maintenance programme and spill a coffee on your seat? No problem you wont be charged extra! on the maintenance programme and have a soft top? don't worry if it needs a second clean you wont be charged extra! on the maintenance programme and your paint protection needs a top up? no problem I have that covered, you guessed it no extra charges! (protection top up is limited to wax, and does not include ceramic coatings)

Bookings are available Weekly, Fortnightly or monthly.


£80 per appointment

Additional Services

Engine Bay Detail - £60

Anti Viral Treatment - £25

Soft Top Restoration - £190 (2 colour coats & 2 protective coats)

Headlight Restoration - £45

Stone Chip Touch Up - POA

What our customers are saying

Can’t recommend Ocd detail highly enough. Booked Guy to deep clean my car at the end of the lease, I have a very large, very hairy dog, and it was a small car, so it was a bit of a state….the transformation was remarkable, it looked brand new again. Now I have my new car, I’m booked in for the monthly clean, which is great value for money given the quality of the work.

Anna - Trust Pilot