OCD Detail

Training Options

So you have had your car deep cleaned, enhanced or ceramic coated, you'd like to maintain that standard going forward but maintenance is not within your budget, or you seek enjoyment from it yourself.

Then one of the below training packages is perfect for you.

Note that these packages are payable in full at time of booking, and non refundable.

Training Only



Includes an intense training session, to teach you the correct and safe way to care for your car.

Keeping it swirl free and heavily protected.

We will also explain what products are required to care for your car and why.

OCD wont stop there! this package comes with;

> 12 months support, answering any questions you might have.

> 1 x follow up appointment to ensure you are your car are on track.

> An information booklet covering everything taught on the day.

Training Plus chemicals



This package will include everything the training only package offers with the addition of;

> 2 x Follow up appointments not 1

> 2 x Buckets with grit guards

> 1 x Tyre brush

> 8 x Detailing brushes

> 1 x Small wheel brush

> 1 x Large wheel brush

> 1 x Exhaust polishing sponge

> 1 x Wheel arch brush

> 1 x Pet hair removal kit

> 3 x Wash mits

> 1 x Leather brush

> 1 x Microfibre applicator

> 1 x Wax applicator

> 1 x Tyre dressing applicator

> 1 x Drying towel

> 1 x Glass waffle

> 10 x Microfibre cloths

> 1 x Box of gloves

> 250ml Air freshener

> 500ml Citrus pre-wash

> 500ml All purpose cleaner

> 500ml Degreaser

> 500ml Interior dressing

> 500ml Glass cleaner

> 250ml Glass sealant

> 500ml Ceramic quick detailer

> 500ml Express Sealant

> 200ml Plastic and rubber wax

> 50ml Supergloss wax

> 500ml Snowfoam

> 500ml Shampoo

> 500ml Wheel Cleaner

> 250ml Wheel Sealant

Training, Chemicals and Hardware



This package will include everything the previous 2 packages include with the addition of;

> 3 x Follow up appointments

> Karcher WD2 12L Hoover

> Karcher K4 Full Control Jet Wash

> Snow Foam Lance

> Karcher SC2 Steam Cleaner

> SGS 50L Air Compressor With Hose and Nozzle

We wont stop there with this package!

Unlike the previous 2, we will include decontamination chemicals and also teach you how to safely decontaminate your car!