OCD Detail

The Safe Wash

What could be better than having a detailer come to your home to refresh your cars exterior on a budget?

This is what the safe wash offers, a service to safely clean your cars exterior to a detailers standards quickly, safely, and cost effectively!

> Citrus pre-wash

> Snow foam bath

> Detail brush

> Arch and alloy deep clean

> Safe contact wash

> Iron and tar decontamination

> 3 month ceramic sealant applied to alloys, glass and paint

> Glass cleaned, in and out

> Door shuts wiped dry

> Tyres and plastic trim dressed


Booking is around 1-1.5 hours

The Entry Level Detail

Are you looking to be introduced to the world of detailing, maybe you are wondering what a detailer can do for you compared to say cleaning your car yourself, or the local hand car wash (the scratch and shine)

Aimed at the reasonably well looked after vehicle, dont let the words "entry level" worry you!! this package will still intoduce you to an entire new level of clean!

> Full safe wash package


> Door and boot shuts brushed

> Compressed air blowout and deep vacuum

> Mats deep cleaned

> All surfaces brushed, dusted, cleaned, and sanitised

> Leather wiped

> Light stain removal


Booking is around 2.5-3 hours

The Factory Reset

Has your car been used and abused, not cleaned for some time, or maybe you just want your car cleaner than clean?

If so, the Factory reset is the package for you, offering very serious results OCD can assure you that you will never have seen your car so clean.

This package is where the full extent of a detailers equipment comes into play, hoovers, compressed air, steam cleaners, extractors, drills, brushes and a lot more!

> Full safe wash, and entry level detail package


> Heavy iron and tar removal from paint, arches and alloys

> Arches and door shuts deep cleaned and dressed

> Engine bay detailed and dressed

> 6 Month sealant applied to paint, glass and alloys

> Exhaust tips polshed

> All fabric including carpets and mats deep cleaned and extracted

> All leather deep cleaned and conditioned

> All surfaces deep cleaned, steamed cleaned and refreshed

> Roof lining cleaned

> Stain removal as required


Booking is around 6-7 hours

The Single Stage

To start the exterior of your vehicle will be deep cleaned, decontminated and ready for polishing. Before doing so OCD will measure the clear coat thicknes providing you with a full PDF report.

Once these steps have been completed we will then select the best compound and pad combination for your vehicle to achieve a 70-80% reduction in swirls without going too heavy and having to refine the paint after.

Unlocking gloss, reducing defects and bringing an entire new level of shine to your pride and joy.

Please note that the single stage does not include an interior clean however 99% of the time at the end of the day we will find time to give your interior a quick freshen up free of charge.

The single stages comes with a 6 month sealant included within the price however you can upgrade this as per below options;

> Ceramic wax offering up to 12 months protection £45

Ceramic Coatings;

> 2 year £135

> 6 year £245

> 4 year £320

> 10 Year £375


Booking is around a full day 8-10 hours

The Full Day - £350

One of OCD's most popular packages, what could be better than a bespoke package just for you! and a detailer focusing their attention on your car for a 10-12 hour booking for a set price, polishing, ceramics, deep cleaning, decontaminating, engine bay details, you name it we can cover it.

Before booking this package we will spend the time to speak to you and address any areas of concern, or any areas of your vehicle where you expect to see the biggest transformation.

Not sure what you want, but you do know you want a full day spent on your car? no problem either leave it to OCD and we will do everything we can to make sure you fall in love with your car again.

Note that on the full day booking entry level ceramic can be applied to your vehicle, however if you would prefer a highr grade ceramic option that comes with a warranty then please refer to the above service menu alongside the single stage where you can find ceramic options from Zirconite where OCD holds their ceramic coating accreditation.

Show Prep, 2-3 Stage Details, Week Long Details

Are you heading to a car show or event, and would like your care prepared by a professional, maybe there are a few areas of light scrathes, the odd deep scratch that needs sanding, you want to unlock a bit more gloss and try to put yourself in strong position for best in show then our show prep package is perfect for you, please note that only badly effected areas will be polished with this package, and it is therefore unsuitable for everyday cars.


2-3 stage details are aimed at cars that need more attention than a single stage, or for the car owner that wants their car polished to the highest possible standard. Carried out over 2 days and including an interior deep clean, the minimum protection level offered with this service is a 2 year ceramic coating which can be upgraded should you wish.


The week long detail, aimed at rare cars or the absolute perfectionist! wheels off, seats out, orange peel gone we will make sure your car is as close to perfection as possible inside and out, again the minimum level of protection offered is 2 years which can be upgraded.



Available to any OCD customer after the factory reset package as a minimum, the maintenance programme is designed to leave your car in the high standard of cleanliness without the risk of adding imperfections to the paint. On the maintenance programme and spill a coffee on your seat? No problem you wont be charged extra! on the maintenance programme and have a soft top? don't worry if it needs a second clean you wont be charged extra! on the maintenance programme and your paint protection needs a top up? no problem I have that covered, you guessed it no extra charges! (protection top up is limited to wax, and does not include ceramic coatings)

Bookings are available Weekly, Fortnightly or monthly.


£80 per appointment

New Cars

Is the dealer trying to sell you a substandard protection package that I can guarantee you will be applied to an improperly prepared vehicle by untrained under paid staff that basically don't care... provide me with their quote and if I can beat it I will, if I cant then my services might still be of interest to you once I have explained the pros and cons (more info in the FAQs)

Furthermore the dealer will not include the interior deep clean in their price and I will.

Further Details - Ceramic Coating Options

As a Zirconite accredited detailer OCD's level of standards and skill set have been tested and approved by market leaders, it also enables us to offer a guarantee on coatings applied, please note that terms and conditions apply to the guarantee.

Nano Glaze Coating

Guaranteed for 2 years!! This paint Protection System is a unique blend of PTFE and acrylic resins containing UV screens to lockout harmful atmospheric degradation. Provides year round protection even in the extremes of polar and desert climates.

Nano Glaze, with ZC Boost

Guaranteed for 6 years!! ZC Boost is in itself a stand alone coating that is designed to fuse to Zirconite ceramic coatings, Increases durability, longevity and hydrophobic properties. UV and chemical resistant, protects and increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence. Ultimate hydrophobic scratch resistant coating.

ZQ9H Quartz Coating

Guaranteed for 4 years!! Permanent bond quartz coating. High gloss, multi-surface protection with advanced chemical and corrosion resistance: unaffected by repeated washing cycles from pH2 to pH12. Forms a permanent bond to all surfaces: coating can only be removed by abrasion. Oxidation and UV resistant. Scratch resistant: pencil test hardness 9h.

ZQ9H Quartz Coating, with ZC Boost

Guaranteed for 10 years!! ZC Boost is in itself a stand alone coating that is designed to fuse to Zirconite ceramic coatings, Increases durability, longevity and hydrophobic properties. UV and chemical resistant, protects and increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence. Ultimate hydrophobic scratch resistant coating.