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OCD Detail

Can i remove steps from one of your packages?

OCD have spent a long time putting our packages together to ensure the best results can be achieved for our clients, if you find that none of our packages suit your needs or budget then please contact us and we will be more than happy to tailor something for you.

Will a detail effect my manufacturers warranty?

No, correct car care will actually increase the life and appearance of your vehicle, meaning that you are actually less likely to ever have to book any body related warranty work with the main dealer.

What areas do you cover?

North, East, South, West and Central London, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire, and more. If you are unsure we cover your location please check.

What is the difference between valeting and detailing?

Traditional valeting is usually based on low cost and high volume, what OCD like to call was wash and scratch service aimed at the masses. Detailing if you like is the highest class service available to care for the cleanness and condition of your car.

Do you Travel?

Yes, all prices listed are based on mobile or drop off appointments within a reasonable distance from West London, i am willing to travel further and happy to agree a price in advance to cover any additional expenses incurred.

Your prices seem high, compared to a car wash why is that?

My pricing structure is based on an hourly rate, plus the cost of products, insurance, and fuel. Most main dealers charge around 4 times my hourly rate, yet their work in all honesty is far less skilled than that of a detailer. however rather than charging each customer based on this calculation we have a fixed pricing structure so you know the final cost before work commencing.

I asked the main dealer NOT to give me a complimentary wash and my paintwork is ruined, where do I stand?

Simply, they have gone against your request and are liable for the repair costs. We can undertake the work and charge the dealer, however only once they have formally accepted, and settled the charges.

This is no reflection on the trust between OCD and our clients, dealers are terrible payers and we will likely have to spend weeks if not months chasing payment from them, i am afraid that's why in this situation we are happy to help, but will require full payment from the dealer ahead of work taking place. 

What is the difference between wax and polish?

Polish is a blend of oils that are absorbed by the paint in the same way your skin would absorb a moisturiser, they also contain micro abrasives that combined with a machine polisher breakdown under heat build-up to remove defects on the surface of the paint, this creates a wet, glossy, flawless look however offers no protection. Wax works to protect the finish by forming a thin protective layer on the top of the paintwork and offers no cleaning or corrective properties.

Do you use acid or harmful chemicals?

NO! All of the products i use are from the industries leading manufacturers, these products have undergone rigorous testing before going to market.

I am a high profile individual and discretion is vital?

No problem at all, a lot of the work i do is posted on social media, however at the same time our clients discretion is taken very seriously. Just simply inform me that your booking and work carried out on your vehicle is to remain confidential and it will.

How can I pay?

Cash, Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Paypal. Unlike many of my competitors i don't charge any transaction fees for card payments. All payments regardless of method are recorded through my accounting software so you can rest assured you will have proof of payment. 

Are you insured?

Yes, We have full public liability insurance specific to the work we undertake and are covered for claims up to £1,000,000.00

Can you prepare my new car instead of the dealer?

Yes we can, just simply arrange with the dealership for us to complete the work instead of them. Some dealers will allow this work to take place on their premises and some wont.

My car was protected by the dealers, will the effect the detail?

Not at all, the dealership will just of used PDI glaze which makes the car look great for a short period of time, or a sealant may have been applied at a greatly inflated cost to the customer.

Its common knowledge that these are very over priced and a great marketing ploy by the dealer. Usually the products used by the dealer are polymer based and do not live up to the advertised standard.

My paint is faded and blotchy, can it be saved?

Oxidation is caused by exposure to UV light. Mostly seen on red cars with no lacquer, yellow can also suffer badly, and can be seen where the colour fades and becomes blotchy. It is not always totally removable, however the colour can be significantly improved, and by using UV resistant products it will help reduce further fading. It does affect other colours too, but they are not as obvious. If the colour has faded under the lacquer it will not be possible to save and will need repainting.

Once my car has been detailed, can I wash it myself?

By all means, at the end of the day its your car and you do not require permission from anyone to undertake any work, including washing. however if you plan on follow up maintenance washes we would honestly prefer you didn't and if in any doubt contact us for advice.

What are swirls? 

These are light scratches in the lacquer or surface of the paint, and when seen in bright sunlight or under artificial light, look like circular swirl patterns, rather like spiders webs sitting on the surface. Swirls are caused by dirt and other things being rubbed against the paint, usually through a poor was technique. Cars live in a harsh environment and whilst some swirls are inevitable over time the majority can be avoided with care. There are things that will make swirls appear a lot faster such as subjecting your car to a battering from a mechanical car wash, or wash in your local supermarket car park with a dirty sponge that has already washed 5 other dirty cars that morning without so much as even being rinsed. On the average condition car, we would typically suggest at least an 80% reduction in swirls, although more is often achievable. Other defects such as buffer trails and holograms, which look like greasy marks that float over the paint surface, together with random scratches will be reduced and removed wherever possible.